The 2016-2017 New Mexico USBC State Senior Tournament was held at Silva Lanes, Albuquerque, NM.  Everyone had a great time and the winners of the all events will be competing in the national tournament in Reno.


Congratulations to the Senior's who competed in the National Tournament in Las Vegas that was held in August for the 2015-2016 season.

75+ M  Dwayne Blair 3rd Place                               75+ W Nancy Martinek 4th Place

70-74 M  George Fleischman 15th Place               70-74 W  Lonnie Spero 29thPlace                                       

65-69 M  Faustin Trujillo 10th Place                        65-69 W  Linda Harper 29th Place

60-64 M  Chad Mullis 26th Place                             60-64 W Jilly Levy 1st Place

55-59 M  Rumaldo Marquez 19th Place                  55-59 W  Karen Barcal 29th Place

50-54 M Terry Sisneros 23rd place                         50-54 W Carla Bond 3rd Place