Nominate Bowlers from your Association who deserve these awards.  The awards will be given at the Awards Presentation in September.  Forms are available on the forms page.







                Superior Performance             Meritorious Service


2016-2017     Paul Yoder                                                           Lucy Delmore

2015-2016     Lance Emerson     Gary Hadley                                  None

2014-2015     John Keller            Joe Romero            Charlie Powell     Wilford "Red" Brown

2013-2014     Tanya Proctor       Robert Dillman                              None

2012-2013     Michael Miller       Gary Skidmore                              None

2011-2012                          None                                   Sheri Cook          Ann Romero

2010-2011     Diana Silva,  J.B. Blaylock,  Carl Chavez          Nina Kirchmeier

2009-2010     Jesse Casaus                                                       Barbara Coffman

2008-2009     Linda Harper         Mark Van Meter        Barb Sonnier     Tom Nitcznski

2007-2008     Lil Holguin             Steve Holcomb                              Jackie McDonald

2006-2007                          None                                   Gayle Baker     Lew Sybertz